Nan is an extremely authentic, curious, wise and easygoing person. All of tehse qualities make her a great coach.

About Nan Watts, PCC

I have been an accredited coach for over 14 years. In addition to my private practice, I am an independent contractor with BTS Coach (formerly Coach In A Box), a global implementation consulting firm.   We support the leadership development goals for many of the world’s largest companies, with a focus on turning “strategy into action” through their people. The 20+ clients I have worked with include: Uber, Twitter, Salesforce, McDonalds, Unilever, NBCU, YUM Brands, Mondelez, Nike, BP and many others.

My work as a coach draws on thirty years I have spent as an entrepreneur, a partner in a successful marriage, a mom and a fully engaged citizen of the world.  I have built two successful businesses – one as a professional photographer and the other as a coach.  My life is always evolving and continues to transform, which contributes to my work helping others to do the same.


As a coach, I have sought to expand my understanding of where I can have a positive impact. I often push beyond my own comfort zone, and I also encourage my clients to do the same in service of living more authentic and wholehearted lives – personally and professionally.


I believe that we all have the potential to be leaders – and not only leaders, but conscious leaders.  This begins with making conscious choice in everything we do.

The foundation of our work will focus on creating a connection with you and establishing a safe environment for honest exploration and conversation. I listen deeply, venturing beyond your words to grasp what is happening in your heart and capture a snapshot, offering you the opportunity to both hear and see yourself through a different lens. It is through that lens where new thoughts, attitudes and behaviors will unfold — and the beginning of making sustainable change possible.

Fun Facts About Nan

I am devoted to…

  • Being a mom – what a gift. I have been honored to raise my two boys and I am incredibly proud of the men they have become. Now that they are independent men, my role as their mom has changed. But one thing will never change: they have always been and continue to be my “Buddhas,” my teachers, my “thin place.”
  • Working with rising leaders.  I have such a strong belief in the potential of this generation of new leaders and want to work with and support them in any way I can.

On a beautiful, sunny day, you will find me…

  • In a kayak on Lake Michigan, taking in the beauty of this big, beautiful lake, listening to the sounds of the water… and getting a pretty good workout!
  • Outside.  If I’m not on the water in my kayak, I am near it – I have always felt a strong connection to water. My husband and I now live less than a mile from the beach and we enjoy…walking, sitting by the water, taking photos (many of which appear on this site).

I like to unwind by…

  • Cooking. My mother was a wonderful, every day cook, who taught me the joy that comes with cooking every day, and then sitting around the table, creating community.
  • Looking through the lens of my camera. My love of photography is actually growing.  When I look through the lens of my camera, I am able to focus my busy mind in one direction, and to be present with the moment. What a relief!
  • Having a martini… Grey Goose straight up (hold the vermouth), a little dirty, with two blue cheese olives. It is one of my guilty pleasures.

My family and friends will likely say that I …

  • Am a world-class smart ass. As one of my t-shirts says, “I speak fluent sarcasm!”
  • That I care. When I ask how they are doing I want to know the real answer.

I am truly energized when I…

  • Am having deep, meaningful conversations – both professionally and personally. We all have wonderful stories to tell each other.

I am inspired by…

  • The courageous men, women, and children who are stepping up every day to speak their truth. It takes courage for anyone to get out of their comfort zone to bring light to any uncomfortable topic, even if it may cause them personal risk – but this is happening throughout the world every day, and we need it more than ever.

I love to share…

  • A laugh, a smile, a story. It might be what I consider to be words of wisdom… or advice that I have gotten that I think others may value… or a great recipe… or a funny joke.

I am now considered an elder…

  • I have squarely landed in new decade in my life — the 60’s. I was reluctant(as if I had a choice). Now that I am here I fully recognize that with age comes greater wisdom (I hope so, at least!), freedom, and the continued desire to make a positive dent in the world. I am proud to be an elder and not so thrilled at being referred to as elderly!