Consciousness Circle Initiative

Consciousness Footprint Conversation Circle: An Initiative

My vision for the Consciousness Footprint Conversation Circle is driven by the belief that it is time to be having deeper, more meaningful conversations — especially with those whose backgrounds and opinions may be completely different than ours — if we are ever going to bridge the sharp divide that we are experiencing in the world today.

I am creating these circles for those of us (from different life experiences, beliefs, and generations) who have the same desire to build bridges and have a more positive impact by sharing, listening, understanding, and learning from each other.

I believe that when we bring our voices together, there occurs, in the midst of each conversation, a rising consciousness in us all.

And, while I recognize that no one single conversation is guaranteed to catalyze change, it is possible that any conversation, or continued conversations, can take us in that direction. The more conversations, the more ripples of rising consciousness – to me, this is how we can create our collective “Consciousness Footprint.”

The Consciousness Footprint Conversation Circle is a new endeavor for me. This is the beginning – our first circle is underway! I invite you to join me and others who, like you, share the belief that we can make a difference in the world.

“…every one of the 7.5 billion humans on the planet has value to offer. How? You’re standing in a spot in the world that only you stand in, a function of your history and experiences, visions and hopes. From this spot where only you stand, you offer a distinct point of view, novel insights and even groundbreaking ideas. Now that you can grow and realize those ideas through the power of networks, you have a new lever to move the world.”

– The Power of Onlyness by Nilofer Merchant

Are you ready to make a commitment to creating new perspectives and actions that have a positive ripple effect?

Please feel out the form below if you would like to sign up. We will meet once a month for 90 minutes via Zoom. Groups are limited to 6-8 members each. There is an annual subscription fee to join.


Yes, Sign me up for the Conversation Circle

Yes, Sign me up for the Conversation Circle